Copy of Letter to Evening News from Chairman Bruce Thompson

The following letter from Save Stockbridge chairman Bruce Thompson was published in the Evening News on 27th April 2013 under the heading “Underhand Tactics Have to be Kicked into Touch” in the wake of the article “Council cleared of Edinburgh Accies deal collusion“.


Your story regarding possible collusion between Edinburgh City Council and Edinburgh Accies does concern me (News, April 24).

I do realise that internal inquiries have taken place, but once more a statement has been issued, after serious allegations have been made, where the council is investigating itself.

I have had sight of related paperwork which does suggest bad administration and at worst collusion, but all this evidence appears to have been brushed off as though it never existed.

We as a group are pro rugby and keen that there is a development on Raeburn Place, not the one submitted as this is far too large and unnecessary, but one which could be accepted by local people and which deals with the Accies’ justifiable needs. The picture in the story, supplied by the developer, taken with a wide angle lens, is deceiving and designed to create a false impression of the proposal.

Like any other major development there are two schools of thought – those for and those against. It is the unenviable task for the planners to establish the correct facts, look at the legal aspects, listen to the local views and determine what is best for the community and local environment.

This can only work satisfactorily if all parties are honest and open. Underhand, unethical or dishonest practices will never succeed and can only cause huge resentment within the community.

I am pleased that the council is to review its policy on dealing with these applications, but am saddened that so many in the past might have been blighted by bad management or biased views.

Bruce Thompson,
Chairman of Save Stockbridge, Comely Bank Place, Edinburgh