New Wall to protect the community from the Accies’ Development

Your Support is needed now

A planning application to rebuild the wall in front of the Accies’ development has been made.  Rebuilding the wall would significantly reduce the adverse impacts of the shops, restaurants, function rooms and spectators on the surrounding area.  This would be brilliant.  Please write or email the council to say you support the application, using one or more of the points below.  We need to support this initiative and counter the 130 people who have already objected. 

The closing date for comments is Friday 6th December

We recommended you use one or more of these reasons BUT USING YOUR OWN WORDS:

  • The proposal accords with Council’s LDP Policy Env 6 Conservation Areas.
  • Rebuilding the wall would reinstate a key feature of the Conservation Area.
  • Rebuilding the wall  would enhance the sense of place around the new building.
  • Rebuilding the wall  would screen the new plaza/precinct from the noise and fumes of traffic.
  • Rebuilding the wall would provide a safe enclosed environment, especially for children.
  • Rebuilding the wall would improve road safety by ensuring that when crowds of up to 5000 are leaving the ground they only have access to the main road at defined places where marshalls can control them.
  • Rebuilding the wall  would reduce the adverse impacts of commercial activity on the amenity of the residential area opposite.
  • If the wall were re-built there would be a perfectly adequate pedestrian access 13metres wide at the western end.
  • The applicants have said that they will take the necessary steps to protect the trees and a condition could anyway be imposed.

Comment on-line at:

Write to: Head of Planning, Waverley Court, 4 East Market Street, Edinburgh, EH8 8BG

Quoting: Ref: 19/04744/FUL   South Boundary wall of the former Grange & Academicals Trust playing field

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